Buzz Radar


Buzz Radar Social Command Centre from Buzz Radar on Vimeo.

I am very luck to have met some very nice and exceptionally talented people over the years, one of which is Patrick Charlton of Buzz Radar. Buzz Radar is a company that helps businesses and organisation visualise social media data in real time.

Earlier this year Patrick asked me to help make a short 2 minute film explaining what Buzz Radar was all about. Along with this Patrick wanted a shorter version which we used some of the key components but using a slightly altered script. Both of which had to be delivered within three days as they we being used at Cannes Festival Of Creativity.

The films were assembled using a combination of footage, some of which had perviously used in other forms for Buzz Radar including a testimonial film by Angelic Films about  Marks and Spencer  and their Social Media Wall as well as footage I had previously shot at Twitter London Live Studio. Along with this there was footage from another film Buzz Radar Skype Broadcast as well as this we used news footage from HLN CES report.

The already existing material we went to Google Campus to shoot some new footage on my Canon C100 showing the Buzz Radar platform working in a real world environment. The final pieces of footage were recorded using my Atomos Ninja 2 recording a full screen output of the visualised data which would be seen on a monitor or display.

We created the initial edits using Final Cut 7 and then Patrick crafted the voice over message along with a Nicky another of the Buzz Radar team who was in New York. Patrick then took himself off to a recording studio in Soho to record the two versions getting the best quality audio possible. The tracks were then emailed to me and I edited them into the videos and then mixed in the music. The edits were then delivered digitally using

Below is the short version of the film.