Canon EOS C100

The Canon EOS C100 is new camera of choice for shooting moving images. The Canon C100 is one of the new breed of cinematic camcorders, able to capture cinematic looking images on a super 35mm chip. Unlike my Canon 5D the C100 has some features that make it a little easier to work with , chiefly ND  filters, two onboard XLR’s and better low light shooting. This all can allow for quicker shooting as there is less setting up time required. Although the camera shoots internally only 24 mbs/per second using an AVCHD codec it is possible to shoot to a broadcast quality requirements using an external recorder such as the Atomos Ninja 2 which I also own.

More details of the Canon EOS C100 can be found on Canons website



DSCF1282 Canon EOS 5D Mark 2

The Canon 5D mark 2 was my workhorse, whether shooting video or stills it’s hard to beat. The autofocus is not great in the low lights but strapping on a Canon Speedlite on gets around the problem by using the IR sensor on the flash unit. Many complain about its short comings in the video department, lack of headphone jack, audio monitoring, etc but they seem to forget it is predominantly as stills camera and probably used to shoot by more photographers in a still capacity than in its video. Touch wood this camera has never let me down.

More details of the Canon 5D Mark 2 can be found on Canons website


GoPro HD3 Black

This was bought as a replacement for my GoPro HD2 which is currently lying a sea at the bottom of Mediterranean Sea. So far its replacement the GoPro Hero 3 Black has had a few issues, freezing and over heating and I’m waiting to see if the new firmware sorts out these problems. Image quality is great. It’s always in the car on shoots and is ever ready for action should I see the opportunity arise. The iPhone app is great for setting up shots but does drain the battery. The GoPro, just like the Canon 5D needs its accessories to make it truly effective and unlike other camera systems these little beauties are relatively cheap.

More details on the GoPro can be found on their website


Fujifilm x10

This is my latest camera, bought to fit somewhere between my ever ready iPhone and the Canon 5D. Small enough to put in a jacket pocket and has manual controls. THe lack of a mirror box means its super quite, actually giving you the option of sound of the shutter to be on or off. The x10 has many shooting options from 12 megapixels and various aspect ratios including 16:9 which is great for recce work. The macro capabilities are awesome as well. It can also shoot video at 30fps but doubt I’ll use it except for holiday and family times.

A more detailed review can be found here

More info can be found on Fujifilms website

2011 Camera Gear 061

Olympus OM2n

This was my third ever camera, an upgrade from my OM10 when I went to university back in 1995 and got me through my degree. It feels really small in the hand now compared to the 5D. The OM2 has 2 shooting modes, manual and aperture priority and has really informed the way I shoot today, although I now really shot in AP sticking mainly with manual shooting. Love this camera and doubt I’ll ever part from it.

Bolex H16mm Rx

I bought this just before the video DSLR revolution it’s been out only a handful of times, and is a shame as it’s amazing bit of engineering, barely changing since the late 1940’s. At some point I hope to dig it out and put it to some use before the final nail is put in the film coffin.Super 8 Cameras

Lomo Super 8

This the second super 8 camera I have owned, the first an Elmo which I shot a couple of films at university. I lost in somewhere along the way but until I find it I have this Lomo. Lomo is a Russian manufacture, and really well made. I’m mot sure where this camera came from but as been used as a prop in my short film Chasing Dreams. Film is now getting hard to get hold of and even harder to get it processed.

Polaroid 600 One

I picked this camera up on eBay after coming across the Impossible project. I bought a pack of BW film and was hooked. It’s expensive and to shoot and not the smallest camera out there but every image shot is different and can never you never be one hundred percent sure of what you are getting when you press the shutter button.

iPhone 4

Ok its not a stand alone camera but its the one I have in my pocket most of the time. I shot images and use apps like Instagram to share them on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Flikr, the image on the day on this blog probably comes from an iPhone. Not the best lens or fastest response time but if its the only camera you have with you it s the best one you own when you want to take a photo.