Case Study: Stocks Farm – Getting The Brand Out

A project I am currently involved in is a series of videos for a small organic farm in Suffolk, Stocks Farm. The genesis for the project came from a conversation on how to increase awareness of the farms brand, products and where to buy them. The farm until this point had, had almost zero presence on the web and practically no marketing to speak of.

The first thing we did was create a Facebook page and Twitter profile for the farm along with a temporary website. Having worked with a few people from the word and mouth industry I realized the importance of interaction with people on the web as it’s a key tool in building up brand awareness as it’s a great way to get very targeted messages out to the right people.

The reason we used this approach as opposed to just creating adverts for the farm came down to a couple of reasons. The first mainly being that as the farm only sell at two farmers markets in London, Stoke Newington Farms Market and Queens Park Farmer Market. There seemed little point making sure people in San Francisco knew about the Farm as they couldn’t purchase any of their produce

A second reason Facebook and Twitter were chosen was their cost. The only really cost was time in building up content, content which for the most part could be used on both platforms.

Next a new logo was commissioned from a graphic designer which would tie in all marketing, signage and media.

The third thing we did was create a thirty second introduction video which covered who they are and what they do as well as setting up the notion of future videos about the farm and cooking tips.

Being an organic farm it was important to show how the food was produced as well as the end products with this in mind we filmed a couple of informative videos. The first about apple juice, from tree to bottle. The second video was about how to tell if a chicken is about to start laying eggs. Following these videos we started a series of cooking videos covering recipes and cooking techniques covering both products from the farm, turkey, lamb shoulder, glazed ham as well as things that do not originate from the farm such as potatoes for potato rosti or vegetarian suet for vegetarian sausage rolls. The Turkey video did prove extremely popular over Christmas racking up over 500 views on Christmas Eve alone.

Along with the measured feed back of view counts and ‘Likes’ on YouTube and Facebook many of the farm customers have actually given verbally feedback at the markets, about the videos, how they enjoyed then, and the recipes which they tried.

We also created a mini documentary about how the farm started and the way they farm the way they do. This video was placed on Vimeo as well as YouTube and was picked up and added to the Documentary Film Channel on Vimeo racking up over 800 views and 20 ‘Likes’ purely from the Vimeo community.

The video content was also filmed with future use in mind my both the farm and the user experience as a destination site is created for the farm giving customers a place to go for ideas, recipes and information about the food they buy. The online presence of the videos could also inspire purchases from the farm. Being on YouTube also made for a higher chance of discovery for the farm and its brand from organic internet searches.

So far the results are encouraging both in feedback and brand awareness as the followers on Twitter increase as do the Likes on Facebook. There has been many conversations started at the market about the videos. Shortly the website with be refreshed and the start of a focus on monetizing the web presence with home deliveries etc.