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Shamaila Khan Album Cover

Last Friday Shahid Bawa, Shamaila Khan’s producer dropped by the office and gave me a copy of Shamaila Khans new CD with one of my photos adorning the front of it. As the Canon 5D is out on hire, I took this with my iPhone.




The album cover was shot whist we were shooting the video for her next single, Dum Se Dum at Greenford Studios in London. The video was shot on the Red camera and directed by Adam Coop of Angelic Films. Here are a few more images from the shoot.

2010 Angelic  043.jpg2010 Angelic  054.jpg2010 Angelic  055.jpg2010 Angelic  093.jpg2010 Angelic  150.jpg2010 Angelic  213.jpg2010 Angelic  288.jpg2010 Angelic  401.jpg2010 Angelic  433.jpg2010 Angelic  442.jpg2010 Angelic  452.jpg2010 Angelic  481.jpg2010 Angelic  508.jpg2010 Angelic  664.jpg2010 Angelic  689.jpg


Truck Festival 2010

Every year Truck Festival brings a few sleepy fields in Oxfordshire to life.  These photos where shot on an acoustic stage, a collection of hay bales I fashioned into a makeshift set, so we could video the bands playing unplugged for Truck Festival and Clubhouse Records. The videos can be found on YouTube

The Epstein @ Truck Festival 2010Trevor Moss and Hannah Lou @ 2010 Truck Festival Last Train Home @ Truck Festival 20102010 Truck FestivalThe Cedars @ Truck Festival 2010Two Fingers Of Firewater @ Truck Festival 2010The Redlands Palomino Company @ Truck Festival 2010Spaceships Are Cool @ Truck Festival 2010Ruth Minnikin @ Truck Festival 2010