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This Week The Best Video Camera is the Nokia N8

“The best camera is the camera you’ve got with you” is a quote by  Seattle based photographer Chase Jarvis who developed the Best Camera App for the iPhone. His notion is that you can only take a picture if you’ve got a camera with you and chances are you’re going to have a mobile phone with a camera on it. So that is the best camera, the one you’ve got with you most of the time.  Carrying on that train of thought this week here in sunny Cannes the best video camera is the Nokia N8 and here is why.

It’s the annual advertising festival Cannes Lions this week and with it comes the Young Lions Competition Film Competition. To create an even playing field  Nokia one of the sponsors of Young Lions, gave each team a brand new Nokia N8 along with 32gb of micro sd memory to use for filming a sixty second commercial.  The Nokia N8 has a fantastic camera built into it, probably the best mobile phone camera in the world right now shooting twelve megapixels and video at 720p. It has been used to shoot many a commercial for Nokia.

The brief I can not reveal right now as the competition is still under way but Nokia along with Getty Images and Adobe provided the technology for the teams to create their entry into the competition. Nokia also provided a tool shed and that is where I have been working for the last few days for Angelic Films. The tool shed, is not as the name would suggest full of traditional tools for gardening and fixing that dripping tap but instead equipped with some basic film making tools, lens adapters, tripods and Steadicam Smoothee’s which we modified for the Nokia N8 all of which are available for the teams to use. The teams are all out at the moment battling to win a Cannes Lion and all that it brings with it and I look forward to seeing the results and how they used the equipment we provided them with.


Young Lions Nokia Shed Post Prod  947.jpgYoung Lions Nokia Shed Post Prod  948.jpgYoung Lions Nokia Shed Post Prod  949.jpgYoung Lions Nokia Shed Post Prod  950.jpgYoung Lions Nokia Shed Post Prod  952.jpgYoung Lions Nokia Shed Post Prod  948 (1).jpg