Fuji x10 Review


This is probably my favourite camera right now and the one that is nearly always in my bag. I still probably use my iPhone to take more photos but this has replaced my Canon 5D on many occasions.

The things I absolutely love about this camera are, its size, it’s image, manual controls, build quality and it looks pretty cool in a retro way.

For the last three years I have hauled my Canon 5D around with me, professionally and personally. I love it and it still produces a better image that the x-10, especially in the low lights but its a lump to carry around and add a couple of lenses and you become your own packhorsealso its a pit conspicuous when you are on holiday and trying to fit in.

I bought my The Fuji x-10 just as it was being replace by the X-20 so got a bit of a bargain at £297 and have not regretted it for a minute. It’s a great little camera  with a fab lens which goes from 28mm at f1.2 to 112mm at 2.8, although not a constant aperture its still super quick as is the autofocus in bright light. Manual control is another big selling giving you complete control of aperture, and shutter just like using the 5d.


I have used this one professional job so far and not for a second though I wish I had  my Canon 5D instead, nature of the job made it the ideal camera, low form factor. my whole shooting kit fitted in my jacket pocket.


There are of course a few downsides to the camera, the X-10 has its own raw system that is incompatible with Apples Aperture, my preferred image software, this means you are left with JPEG, still good my doesn’t quite give you the latitude in post. Instead you have to treat it like a film camera and nail exposure, no bad thing. The fuji x-10 is really limited in the video department, fixed to 30 fps, and no way to plug in a mic etc, I haven’t actually used it in video mode, and doubt I will given I have the 5D and a GoPro. Below are a few images I shot with the x-10 incudling one of the 5D using my Elinchrome Dlite kit


20130616_Nokialumia_925_ (153).jpg20130616_Nokialumia_925_ (159).jpg20130616_Nokialumia_925_ (221).jpg20130616_Nokialumia_925_ (30).jpg20130616_Nokialumia_925_ (316).jpgc95-DSCF1282.jpgDSCF0534.jpgDSCF1053.jpgDSCF1252.jpg