Canon 24-70mm f2.8L

This is probably the most used lens I’ve got right now, Ideal for both video and filming and it’s weather proof which is so important given the climate we live in. It’s the one lens I couldn’t do without. If you were starting out and have the budget this is the first lens to buy.

Full specs on the Canon website




Canon 70-200mm f4L IS

This a fairly new addition to the kit and gives that little more reach needed for video work. The reason I went for this model instead of one on the other three Canon 70-200mm lenses was partly on price and weight. The f2.8L IS version is very heavy and almost twice the price of the one I opted for and I do have a nice fast 100mm portrait lens if I want a shallow dept of field look. The Image Stabilisation is a little noisy but does what it says on the tin. Ideal for run and gun video work and the stills aren’t too shabby either.

Full specs on the Canon website

Canon 50mm f1.4

Stick this on the Canon 5D and it sees better in the dark than I do. There is a reason that the 50mm is the standard lens and a must buy as it is nearest to who the human eye sees the world. Not weather proof but I love this lens all the same. The 50mm being relatively small is the lens that is constantly in whatever bag I’m carrying the Canon 5D. Stick this on the camera set it to automatic on a night out and this lens captures can capture images other cameras cannot dare to imagine.

Full specs on the Canon website

Canon 100mm f2

This is my portrait lens of choice right now. Its faster than either of the zooms ideal for that shallow focus look and compressing features. The 100m being a telephoto lens also can have the effect of making a seem to face elongate slightly and therefore slimmer.

Again not weather proof but well built all the same. It’s a much overlooked lens in the Canon range but well considering if you want a telephone lens and cash is an issue .

Full details on Canons website


IMG_1134Canon 17-40mm f4

This is my wide angle lens of right now. Its not quite as fast as Canons 16-35mm f2.8 but it is almost half the price. Again being an L series  it has Canon’s weather sealing which does allow you to prest it slightly more outside in the British and at sometimes rather wet climate . It’s a much overlooked lens in the Canon range but well considering if you want a to go wide cash is an issue. Married with the high ISO ability of my canon 5D mark 2 F4 is not an issue except at night.

Full details on Canons website

Olympus Zuiko 50mm f1.8

This came with an Olympus OM10 I bought when I was 13 years old and it was second hand then. It got my hooked on taking photos. Incredibly well built, built to last and has done though countless knocks and drops. One of the great things about the Olympus Zukio lenses is that their aperture ring is located near the front lens element making it easy to change without moving your hand of the barrel. You can pick these up on Ebay for less then a tenner and are worth every penny.

Olympus Zuiko 135mm f3.5

Another lens I’ve had for the best part of twenty years. Again great build quality. Compared to todays modern lenses, just like the 50mm it’s tiny as it lacks any autofocus gubbins in it’s housing. It’s also built like it could stop a bullet, no plastic here. This lens can be picked up for under fifty pounds in mint condition and like most of Olympus’s gear holds it’s price well. A great cheap portrait lens that has still life in it using either black and white film or an EOS adapter.

Makinon 28mm f2.8

This lens is also out of the ark but I’m reluctant to retire it completely more sentimental value than anything else. For me this lens works and sings best when there is a roll of Ilford black and white film in the OM2n. Unlike the Olympus primes the aperture ring is on the camera body end of the lens. With a camera as small as the OM2n it is not for my money as comfortable to use as the Olympus lenses but for the money it well and truly paid for itself.

Miranda 75-300mm f4.5-5.6

This quite frankly is an insane lens. I’m not sure how long I’ve had this but it was long before ebay was started if not the world wide web. It’s unwieldily, slow, heavy and almost impossible to use without a tripod but on those odd occasions in the past when I’ve needed a big telephoto lens it’s been there. It was and is a cheap lens that probably has no resale value put when combined with the extension tubes makes for a powerful macro lens.

Miranda 28-70mm f3.8-4.8

This was my former work horse lens when the OM2 was my main camera and has been replace by my Canon 24-70mmL which is now my go to general lens.