Kino Flo 4Foot 4Bank

The Kino 4Bank is a large florescent soft light wich as the ability to change colour temperature by changing the four lamps for ones with specific colour temperatures. As the light fitting and ballast is separated by a cable the light fitting is daily light and can taped to walls and ceilings


Arri 300 Plus

A Mizar by another name. This light has a tungsten fitting with a fresnel lens to aid in focusing.

Arri 15o Plus with Dimmer

This light has a tungsten fitting with a fresnel lens to aid in focusing.

Arri 2000 Plus

The Arri 2000 Plus also known as a blonde is a powerful tungsten focusable floodlight. More information on the Arri 2000 Plus can be found on CVP’s Website


Lishuai LED-1024ASVLK Bi-Colour LED Panel With Carry Case

This LED Panel is a bargain and since I bought it has been pack and used on almost every job I’ve done. Unlike traditional lights this led has the ability to change colour temperature from 3200 to 5600 kelvin, reducing the need to gel the light which speeds shooting up. LED’s on the whole do not get that hot, and can quite easily be touched when on and because of that they can be packed away without the need to wait for them to get cold. This light can also be powered by mains power or V-Lock battery allowing for incredible flexibility.

More details of the Lishua LED-1024ASLK can  be found on the Proactive website


I have a two of these and at least one of these bad boys is always in my camera bag. They can be powered either by mains power, Sony NP 550 Batteries or 5 AA batteries. These lights will happily work mounted on a camera, lighting stand or even just rested on a shelf. Theese are idea when space is tight and mains power is not accessible.


Manfrotto Magic Arm

I have a couple of these and possible the most useful lighting kit ever invented and used to hold props, lights and even cameras in positions hard to with traditional lighting stands or tripods.

More details on Magic Arms can  be found on the Monfrotto website

Manfrotto Super Clamp

Manfrotto Super Clamp

These make the Manfrotto Super Clamp useful stretch beyond the the film and photographic industry. I’ve used super clamps in  combination with a magic arm for all sorts of things including putting furniture together.  These also work in combination with several other accessories and have a  1/4″ and 3/8″ threaded hole to further expand its capabilities.

More details on Super Clamps can  be found on the Manfrotto website

Westcott Fast Flag Set

This set set of two fold up frames and four covers, 1 x silk, 1 x blackout, 1 x single net and 1 x double net. These allow you the ability to modify light softening it, reducing it and even blocking it out for with creative or practical effect such as simple stoping the light reflecting in the camera monitor.

More details of the Fast Flag set can  be found on the Wescott website

Avenger D200

Avenger D200

These grip heads are designed to hold flags and arms and frames but can will pretty much hold whatever you can fit in it.

More details of the Avenger D200 can  be found on the Avenger website

IMG_0048 (1)

Avenger D520 40 inch Extension Arm

This with the C-Stand and Grip Head are probably the most use full of all lighting grip equipment.


The C-Stand has several names, including Century Stand and Flag Stand. These are possibly the most used piece of lighting equipment used in the film industry. Strong and versatile with a relatively small foot print. They range in size which is always measured as the closed size, from 20″ to 40″ They also can have a variety of bases such as turtle which allows for the main tall section to be removed, which is idea for transporting in smaller vehicles.

More details on C-Stands can  be found on the Proactive website