Michael Bailey Yoga Retreats Promotional Video

Back in November Michael Bailey asked me to make promotional film from his yoga retreats business. I had been introduced to Michael on twitter by Hannah Couzens. From there we met up in St Albans and discussed what he was after from the video both in style and contents. From there we planned for me to join he at one of his retreats to do a days filming, capturing the tone of what people could expect from one. As the retreat took place in England and in November it was unsurprisingly rained, a lot. This did limit the amount we could shoot outside so the build of the shoot took place in the practice room. To get around the lack of daylight I supplemented it using a 1 x 1 variable colour temperature light panel, setting it to daylight. This allowed me to shoot longer than I could have done without.

For the second part of the shoot we shot, filming Michael a few months later talking about the retreats and about himself. I then edited it together using FCP7 and shared as I do with all my clients each of the edits with via a password protected video on Vimeo.

Cameras: Canon 5D mk2, Canon EOS C100