Nothing To See Here


Everyday people, companies and organisations all try to get our attention and garner our interest. This is what advertising is essentially about. For years communicating advertising messages to large sways of the population was restricted by money, the more money you had the more people you could reach. But heres the thing advertisers and advertising agencies have always known it’s not the quantity of people you reach its the right kind of people you reach. It is advertisings 101.

Today it is cheaper to connect with a mass audience using the web, advertising revenues are huge for the web at large and porthole sites such as google. Web advertising predominantly relies on click throughs from one site to another whether it be sales or information and this is the fundamental difference between traditional advertising, print, TV, radio and the web. Traditional advertising wants to take you somewhere else from where you hear or see an ad, that or in gauge a emotional connection or notion about a product or brand which outlasts your connection to the advert. If traditional advertising didn’t still work we wouldn’t have free to air TV still.

The fundamental difference I can see between a whole lot of poor web based advertising and traditional advertising is the promise. The promise is what the advert brings. The traditional promise of an advert is usually wrapped up in a product or service of a company organisation. Web adverts promise is usually wrapped up in the clicking through to a website  where the real interest excitement will be. Sadly all to often these sites are lifeless and pointless, and chances are you won’t be back, as there is to quote Police Squad “nothing to see here.” This I have to say is more or a problem at the bottom of the market as apposed to the well funded marketing and advertising campaigns which are usually spread over multiple medias and outlets. This is of course not to say throwing money money at something will always lead to success because it wont.

The rise in social media and Twitter have lead to an explosion in self advertisers, be it for their own business, ideology, music or films. The difference to a large part about Twitter is the engagement process we have control of who can connect to us through our time line. I don’t know about you but I follow people selectively, because they interest, entertain or educate me. It is very easy to get overwhelmed with the numbers of followers or people you follow after all we humans are a sociable species. But in reality its all about the right people to follow for you not for anyone else and many of these will draw you away from twitter to their own sites and blogs, which have their own sales and advertising models attached. The best ones will have you coming back for more even negating twitter to get there.

Now if you want to garner interest in your site/project/business you need to engage your prospective audience, if it’s good it will get recommended, referred and quoted and eventually this may result in your desired result whether it be financial or something else. And what will make it good? Content that interests and engages. Without any content there why will anyone take any interest, buy anything or come back. If you want external advertising to pay for your site blog you need people to come back and you need to give people a reason to come back instead of just advertising the same content that never changes, sure people may click through twice but probably won’t a third time and when new content is added people may just be turned off like the girl who cried wolf.

Of course if you need help creating interesting engaging content give me a call 😉