Shooting in an Instant: Vosene #Vosing

A few years ago millions of cameras screamed and then when silent. Polaroid had stopped film production . Millions of camera’s were consigned to cupboards, landfills and memories. As the very last factory was closing something amazing happened two people talked about restarting all those cameras hearts and the Impossible Project was formed. More about which can be found here

So why shoot using instant film today when we have instant sharing through the use of mobile phone cameras and the internet? Well for me it brings a little bit of the magic back to taking pictures, watching the image develop before your eyes. It’s also subject to a little pixie dust as you’re not one hundred percent sure how the image will come out as its subject to so many more factors than electronics and computer logarithms.

I like many shoot many pictures using my phone and process them using Apps such as Instgram giving us one stop looks often in a vain of creating vintage looking photographs. Its great. But they can all start to look a bit samey. I started thinking about the old Polaroid system and  a little voice in my head which started shouting “PICK ME, PICK ME.” Five minutes later I had bought a camera on eBay and then found Polaroid had stopped making film.

Ten minutes later I fouud out about The Impossible Project and I was back in business.

A few days later I bought a box of PX600 Silver Shade film, a black and white instant film and I was all set to got and made myself wait like a child for Christmas morning to use it on an upcoming shoot I was on with Angelic Films. The shoot was for Vosene and featured Duncan James from Blue. I shot the majority of the stills using my Canon 5D kit but for a bit of fun fired off a couple of Polaroids of Duncan in the shower which was our hero set for a collection of videos we were working on.

The videos, directed by Adam Coop featured Duncan singing songs based on tweets sent in to VoseneUK. The songs were written on location and then filmed, edited before uploaded to the internet all within hours of starting. below is one of the videos from the shoot.

Along with the video The guys at Vosene wanted to share personal messages with others that were interacting on the day and that’s where I came in shooting personal messages for the folks on Twitter

VoSing 001 (1).jpgVoSing 003.jpgVoSing 005 (1).jpgVoSing 005.jpgVoSing 006.jpgVoSing 009.jpgVoSing 013.jpgVoSing 014.jpgVoSing 015.jpgVoSing 016.jpgVoSing 017.jpgVoSing 018.jpgVoSing 019.jpgVoSing 021.jpgVoSing 023.jpgVoSing 026.jpgVoSing 027.jpgVoSing 028.jpgVoSing 031.jpgVoSing 032.jpgVoSing 033.jpgVoSing 034.jpgVoSing 029.jpg


The whole think also raised a stack of cash for the NSPCC as for every tweet with every follow of @VoseneUK and using #Vosing Vosene donated £2 to the NSPCC. How cool is that!