Stills into Motion

As someone that got into photography as a way to get into film I have previously experimented in using still images in sequences, sometimes as story boards and sometimes as actual story devices accompanied by sound tracks. But up until now I have never turned my portfolio into a moving sequence. I may be a little late to the party as applications such as Aperture already have built in tools for creating such things, I have in used them to create event slide shows in the past. But although great I chose to use Final Cut to turn my photographic portfolio into a short sequence, partly due to the being able to fine tune transitions, size and add text.

Music is as always incredible important and the right choice can make or break a moving image, as the great Walter Much puts it, “Sound is the Queen of all our senses.” I trawled through Audio Network for a good couple of hours and found some amazing music finally settling for a Track entitled Electro Romance which I think gives the piece a certain energy countering the still images.

The Video features work spanning almost twenty years, the black and white images were all shot on Ilford film on either an Olympus OM2n or a medium format Mamyia. Thoe colour images were shoot using my Canon 5d mk2 along with a couple of images captured using my iPhone and processed using the Instagram app on it.