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Johnny Wore Black: Up in Flames

Johnny Wore Black‘s latest video for Up In Flames was shot over two rather wet days in a derelict brick factory in West Sussex about a month ago. Fronted by osteopath and stuntman Johnny Cohen, Johnny Wore Black’s music is fully or haunting poetical lyrics. Up in Flames was shot on the Red One camera with a full professional crew more often seen on big budget hollywood fare and brought many of the toys from  them, stunt fighting, sets on fire and smoke. Directed another stuntman come director John Newton, Up in Flames is the  follow up to Johnny’s previous single All The Rage. I shot the stills using available light and a few HMI’s which lit the video shoot. Post production was achieved using Apples aperture and Adobe Photoshop

2012 iPhone  002.jpg2012 iPhone  003.jpg2012 iPhone  004.jpg

Truck Festival 2010

Every year Truck Festival brings a few sleepy fields in Oxfordshire to life.  These photos where shot on an acoustic stage, a collection of hay bales I fashioned into a makeshift set, so we could video the bands playing unplugged for Truck Festival and Clubhouse Records. The videos can be found on YouTube

The Epstein @ Truck Festival 2010Trevor Moss and Hannah Lou @ 2010 Truck Festival Last Train Home @ Truck Festival 20102010 Truck FestivalThe Cedars @ Truck Festival 2010Two Fingers Of Firewater @ Truck Festival 2010The Redlands Palomino Company @ Truck Festival 2010Spaceships Are Cool @ Truck Festival 2010Ruth Minnikin @ Truck Festival 2010